Placeholder ImageI’m going to get straight to the point, my husband is a sex addict!

I found this out all of 3 weeks ago and as a mother of a 4-year-old girl, with a life that was in my mind every inch happy, it has left me somewhat in the dark when it comes to understanding sex addiction and more importantly how this affects my marriage.

I’m am writing this blog as a form of ….education. I need to get out all the thoughts and feeling I am having because right now I want to castrate him and would have great pleasure doing so however out of the blue have had this “addiction” label thrown at me, which has again blown my mind.

Basically now I need to determine if my husband is a lying, dirty bugger or if in fact he has self-esteem issues, an addictive personality that when under pressure, depressed or lonely causes him to go to this dark place which in his case is… voyeurism, swinging websites, sexual social media platforms, porn and god knows what else.

So even if no one else ever reads this blog, I will be putting on here all of the steps I’m taking, my feelings during this time, any useful information I find and anything else that may help me un-scramble whats is now my marriage, my family and my life.